We believe in the power of education as a key tool to support the communities in which we operate by creating opportunities for younger generations. This is the heart of our Corporate Social Responsibility: Aligning our economic growth with social progress through job placement.

2.1 Capacitar para Despegar

Capacitar para Despegar” is the program through which we reach out to our communities. Every initiative within this program is designed and implemented by Despegar Talent. We have implemented it in:

Our volunteers are the force that drives this program: Sharing their time, skills and knowledge.

Previously I worked in the metallurgical industry operating heavy machinery, and then as a painter in construction when I realized I wasn't advancing. I then decided to take a programming course in my neighborhood (Barrio 31), where we were notified we’d receive mentoring from Despegar developers. I was then given the opportunity to work at Despegar. Today I am on Despegar’s Data Team.”

Cristian Guitiérrez
Despegar - Software Developer.

2.2 Technology Training in Barrio 31

In light of the challenges in developing local technology capabilities while also increasing access to education regardless of the socio-economic situation, Despegar partnered with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and NGO Reciduca to create a software development program for recent high school graduates, enabling access to their first quality job.

The Program aims to:

Create equal opportunities for young talent in vulnerable sectors

Develop technical, professional and personal skills

Enable young talent to reach their full potential in the digital world by creating a positive learning environment to develop key skills

Identify high potential profiles who could eventually work at Despegar

Talent is one of Despegar’s most valuable assets. We therefore created the Corporate Volunteer Programa to further contribute to the local communities where we operate.

Barrio 31 Initiative Highlights

2.3 Broadening Access to Technology

Despegar partners with various organizations to support initiatives which drive sustainable systemic change; enabling access to technology while reducing the gender gap. Recent studies conducted in Argentina show that only 33% female participation in STEM careers (Science, Technology. Engineering and Mathematics), and the number drops to 16% in software development. This situation drove our decision to support the following projects, in an era where technology is transforming economies and societies. As a company, we’re able to leverage our considerable strengths to support gender and social equality while also benefiting our industry.

Associação Hurra:

Local Brazil-based NGO that works with vulnerable youth in São Paulo State to develop important life skills and values by promoting education based on UNESCO's four pillars of integral education.

Projetos Amigos das Crianças:

Decolar sponsors a project which prepares and enables socially vulnerable youth to get their first job.


  • Chicas en Tecnología: a pioneer organization focused on technology and gender equality that provides a quality technology education by promoting, motivating and training new generations of innovative women.
  • Buenos Aires City Government invited our IT developers to host two webinars attended by 200 students. We also participated in the Ministry of Education's “Digital Festival” where we shared personal experiences, particularly related to the job market, with recent technology graduates.

2.4 Other Initiatives

  • National School of Buenos Aires: we donated 30 laptops in June 2020 to the National School of Buenos Aires, a public high school which provides students free education. The school was established in 1863 and is one of the most prestigious in Latin America and an institution of excellence.
  • Fundación Cimientos: Despegar is a sponsor of Fundación Cimientos. Cimientos is a civil society organization that promotes educational equality through programs that promote secondary school retention and completion, improve the quality of education and promote educational continuity and/or job placement for vulnerable young people.